October 11 - 35 Attend Amped's Corn Maze Event!

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA10er @ 10:51 AM

"The corn kernel 'sand box' was so much fun!" exclaimed Lauren, a 5th grader in CTR's Amped ministry.

This past Sunday, 35 Students and leaders from the Amped ministry for middle schoolers took a trip to Chilton's Meuer Farm, where they navigated a corn maze, played on straw bales and in corn kernel "sand boxes," pet farm animals,  and had a great team and relationship-building event. 

The corn maze is a great metaphor for how before Christ, we were lost, but how Christ finds us and shepherds us back to the flock.

October 11 - "I want to know his plan for me"

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA10er @ 10:38 AM
Conversations about faith are often off limits. One would think a church is the last place one could go to express doubt or ask challenging questions about God's existence. But that is the primary focus of CTR's Starting Point class. 
This past Sunday, participants gathered for the first of eight meetings to discuss their questions about faith and seek guidance on where to turn for answers. The first class began with a simple question: If you could ask God one question….what would it be?   
The questions posed by participants were incredibly thought provoking! Over the next eight weeks, participants will work through these questions, and countless others, with the help of Starting Point leaders, Josh and Jennifer Schmalz.
If you'd like to find out more about Starting Point, including when the next class is offered, please contact the church office.

September 21 - Nearly 50 Courageous Men Attend MOTR Kickoff

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP1er @ 1:06 PM

Men Of The Rock had a solid turnout for their Fall Study, a video-based series called STEPPING UP.

This is a challenging series because much like CTR's Character Development, STEPPING UP compels men to explore a vision of what a courageous man looks like in God's eyes and then look back at where they've come from to identify what's holding them back.

The study is a bi-weekly, 10-week program and it's not too late to sign-up! Each message is a standalone topic and the videos are online on RightNow Media if you need to play catch-up.

If you'd like to find out more about Men Of The Rock events and get connected, check out the MOTR page on our site and contact the church office with questions.

September 15 - Great Turnout for "For the Love" Study!

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA8er @ 8:56 AM

Women's Ministry kicked off their Fall Study Series with Jen Hatmaker's, "For the Love," video-based study. You could really feel the Spirit's  presence as the ladies laughed, cried and connected.

Over 40 women signed up for the series, which is a great turnout for a weeknight study! 

If you'd like to find out more about Women's Ministry events and get connected, check out the Women's page on our site and contact the church office with questions.

September 3 - Update from Pastor Bill

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP1er @ 1:45 PM

I hope you enjoyed the study through the book of James as much as I did.  If you missed any of the messages, I encourage you to listen online.  Although I'm usually quite sad when summer is over, I can honestly say that my excitement for the next series is greater than the sadness of summer leaving. 
The Compelled series begins this Sunday.  The first message is Compelled by a Purpose.  Other messages in the series include Compelled by Compassion, Compelled to Act and Compelled to Share.
My desire is that every person who calls CTR their church home would hear this series.  I encourage you to get back into the rhythm of weekly attendance and participate with what God is doing as we gather as a church family.  There may be obstacles that keep you from coming, but I encourage you to leap over them.  One of those obstacles is the Fox Cities Marathon on September 20.  Make sure you allow more time than usual to get here that day.
God is up to great things and we are honored to be invited to join Him.
See you on Sunday,
Pastor Bill
P.S.       We have some exceptional guest speakers scheduled for the fall, including Dr. Stuart Briscoe, Dr. Todd Ahrend, Murli Menon and Dr. Dan Allender.  I will be speaking more starting in the fall as well.

August 14 - Did someone say donuts?

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA9er @ 9:11 AM

Such an awesome summer! What a blessing to bring Healing, Home, and Life transformation through community with Jesus and those around us.

Your middle and high school-aged kids are welcome to join us for more fun on Wednesday nights at Amped and Narrow Path!

August 13 - Update from Pastor Bill

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA11er @ 11:27 AM

I hope you are enjoying and benefiting from our study through the book of James as much as I am! 

What’s coming in the next three weeks?  This Sunday, the message is Centered On Others, where we’ll address how we can be free to really care about the poor and needy.  On August 23, the focus is Centered On Waiting.  Don’t we all hate to wait? The topic of heaven will also be addressed in that message.  August 30 will wrap up the series with Centered On Prayer where we’ll answer the question of what a healthy prayer life looks like.  If you missed any of the past few messages, I encourage you to listen online or pick up a CD or DVD at the Connection Center.

Summer is almost over, and we’re gearing up for fall activities at CTR…including our ministry to children and students.  Please check out the table in the lobby this Sunday where you can sign up to serve in Son Harbor and Student Ministries, or signup online.

See you Sunday – I hope you’re looking forward to gathering in His Name to worship and hear from His Word.  I sure am.

Pastor Bill

July 29 - Update from Pastor Bill

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP11er @ 11:09 PM

I am amazed at what we are discovering together as we dig deeper into the book of James.  Be sure to listen online or order a CD/DVD at the Connection Center if you missed any messages in the series.

This Sunday, August 2, we wrap up the Getting Perspective section in James with the message Consider The Source.  James asks some great questions and answers them in Chapter 4:1-10.  Then a week later, on August 9, we begin our final section in James called Centered.  There is a level of uncertainty for each of us, no matter how old we are.  James has some strong words of advice and encouragement as we consider the uncertainty of our future.  The message will be Centered…..On Trust.  We will also celebrate communion together.

It’s not too late to register for the Global Leadership Summit on August 6 & 7 with the reduced host rate of $119 (held at Pathways).  Check the bulletin for more information. 

Until Sunday,

Pastor Bill

July 2 - Son Harbor Volunteers

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA6er @ 6:27 AM

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:37-38

God is continuing to bring many new families and kids to Summer Son Harbor each week. 

Please pray that He will raise up the volunteers needed to teach them, care for them, and disciple them each Sunday.

In the upcoming weeks, we have significant quantities of open serving opportunities that need to be filled soon. If you are available to serve in this important ministry, please sign-up, today!!!

June 22 - Welcome to the New CTR Website!

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP4er @ 4:45 PM

CTR launched it's first website in 1998 and the design stayed pretty much intact until 2012. That is a long time to go without a major design upgrade! Check out the Archive.org captures of the site (apologies for missing images):

December 1998  |  June 2012

In 2012, a 4-person team comprised of staff and volunteers was established and given a budget to overhaul the site. The main objectives were to: 1) reach more people, 2) mirror the experience of the physical church in an online environment, and 3) create better integration between the church management system and the website.

At the time we launched, we didn't have the budget to create a site that looked like CTR, but with the launch of this new site design, we're hopeful that we've met that objective! 

Check it out over the next couple weeks. We'll keep the old site up during that time to help you in the transition. 

A couple of navigation things:

  1. We replaced My CTR with Login/Sign-up to better reflect the integration of the site and to use a name that was more intuitive for first-timers.
  2. We reorganized the menu to reduce the number of top-level menu items. We hope it is intuitive, that Get Involved is where you go to start connections and build relationships (Children's Ministry, Student Ministry, Crossing, Connect GroupsMen Of The Rock, Women's Ministry, Causes (aka Global & Local Missions), and Life Events (e.g., Child Dedication, Baptism, Marriage, and Funerals). Get Help is where you go to find help in healing and growth through CTR's Community ShepherdsClasses, Counseling Services and Growth Groups.

Please let us know what you think by clicking on the Feedback button below.

Known issues:

  1. The Login/Signup area is not mobile friendly, but we're working on it. We've placed links to download apps for iPhone and Android there until work has been completed.
  2. Search works, but it is currently still indexed to the current site. As soon as we make the switch, we will re-index it to the new site. You may still encounter old web pages in search, but we'll do our best to fix that over time.
  3. We're in the process of moving content over to our new Media Center. It will be a slow process, but we will keep a link to the old media center up until we get 3 months of sermon messages up.

Thank you for your prayers, patience and feedback as we transition to the new site!

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