October 10 - Missionfest

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA10er @ 10:03 AM

Missionfest begins this weekend!  On Sunday, October 9, we’ll hear from guest speaker, Bob Lenz, as he shares What is The Gospel and Why Does it Matter as part of the Best News Ever seriesGuest artists, Cloverton, join Bob to lead us in worship.  The series continues next Sunday, October 16, with guest speaker, Dr. Todd Ahrend, on the topic Those Who Have Never Heard.  You may remember Todd from last year’s Missionfest.  Details for his afternoon workshop:

FREE Missionfest Seminar

  • Lunch provided
  • October 16, 12:00 – 3:00 p.m.
  • The seminar covers how to effectively share the gospel with those of Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist religions.
  • Dr. Todd Ahrend will give us useful tools to engage and understand these different worldviews, and ultimately reach them for Jesus.
  • Please RSVP by October 10

Please join us!

Pastor Bill

September 8 - Back to Normal

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP2er @ 2:01 PM

I enjoy and appreciate summer as much as anyone.  But I am also glad when it is over and we can get back to a “normal” schedule. 

This Sunday Nancy Beach will speak on the Seasons of Life.  Nancy’s two daughters will join her for a drama illustrating the message.  Nancy was a teaching pastor at Willow Creek for over 20 years and led their creative ministries.  Come expecting a very encouraging message from Nancy no matter your season of life!

We launch theBest News Ever series on September 18.  As I pray and prepare for these messages, I’m excited for how the content of this series will impact our church Body. 

As we get back to a regular schedule, it is also time to consider how to be involved in serving, joining a small group or taking a class.  There are still many great opportunities to serve in Son Harbor.  Please pray about your participation and email Jenn Johnson or call her at the office.

In expectation,

Pastor Bill

July 7 - Soul Training

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA6er @ 6:42 AM

Our new series, Soul Training, launches this Sunday.  We’ll take eight weeks to explore tools God gives us to help us get spiritually healthy.  Paul told Timothy that bodily exercise profits a little bit, but spiritual exercise benefits us greatly in this life and in the life to come (1 Timothy 4:8).  The Bible gives us clear guidance on how true and lasting growth happens.  I hope you have a hunger inside you to continue to be transformed and move toward all He has for you.  I strongly believe He will use this series to help us become more like Christ.  I hope we will all prioritize being there each week for consistency.  If you do have to miss because you are out of town, be sure to listen online.

Here is the line-up:

  • Start the Change
  • Stop Trying
  • Go Slow
  • Go Fast
  • Be Quiet
  • Throw a Party
  • Come Clean
  • Going the Distance

The titles alone compel me to want to be there!  I hope they compel you as well.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Bill

P.S. It’s not too early to consider taking a class or joining a small group in the fall.  Many classes and groups will kick off in September.  The Character Development class is one of many great offerings. Watch for more information in the bulletin and website.

June 9 - Relationship WITH God

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP3er @ 3:18 PM

I sincerely hope you will have some great vacation time with your family and friends. I also hope you have a desire to stay connected to your church family. If you miss a Sunday service, you can listen to the message online as well as stay informed on what is happening at CTR. Online giving is an option if you're out of town and miss a Sunday.

June 12 we begin a three-week series examining our relationship WITH God from these angles:

  1. Life from God.
  2. Life for God.
  3. Life with God. 

It is a short series, but I'm excited about what we'll learn together. Our worship leaders are praying diligently about the song lineup that will flow thematically to reinforce the messages. We'll have a bit more time for the worship part of these services.  I am looking forward to it!

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Bill

PS. There has been a pretty good response to helping in Son Harbor for the summer, but we still have some pressing needs. We are asking you to consider stepping in to minister to our children for just 6 weeks this summer. We still need 15 to 20 people for this Sunday. We need about 20 for the following Sunday. If some of these gaps aren’t filled, we may not be able to open up certain classes. Most of the needs are with the younger children under 5.

May 26 - Upcoming Messages

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP7er @ 7:34 PM

We conclude our Generous Love series this Sunday with Generous Love…For My Enemy.  Jesus tells us we are to love our enemies and even do good to them and pray for them…but what does that look like in real life?  Apart from the message, we will hear from someone who very recently went through a horrible tragedy and has chosen to forgive.  Also, our  guest worship leaders, Syrian refugees currently living in Milwaukee, will share some of their experiences as believers in Syria, including witnessing someone close to them being killed by ISIS.   I’m certain we will all be deeply moved by these powerful stories. 

Can you believe Christ The Rock will be 34 years old the first Sunday in June?  We have so many memories and so many stories of life change.  We will hear some of those stories on Sunday, June 5, as well as an extended time of worship after the message to celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of our great and awesome God.  We’ll also take a peak into the future and wonder together what God has for us next.  It will be a wonderful birthday celebration!

Pastor Bill

P.S. Our ministry partner in India, Murli Menon, sent us a video encouraging us to love our enemies. Please watch Murli

May 12 - Next Few Weeks

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP9er @ 9:03 PM

I never cease to be amazed by God’s creation, especially in the spring when everything comes alive again.  It’s a great picture of how God always brings new life and freshness in our lives.  Makes me want to worship!

Speaking of worship, I always look forward to Sundays when we gather to worship King Jesus and study His Word.  There is something special about doing this “together”.   This Sunday, May 15, we’ll continue our current series with Generous Love…For The Stranger.  I’ll have a brief teaching followed by a guest panel which includes Matt Soerens from World Relief.  The refugee and immigration crisis in our world is bigger than ever, and we need to be on the front lines of addressing it. 

Though I joke a lot about my brother, Bob, I have the utmost respect for him and as a speaker.  We’re privileged to have Bob speak on May 22 on the topic of Generous Love…For the Outsider, when he’ll share how to effectively reach out to family, friends and others who don’t know Jesus yet.  You’ll be inspired and equipped.  Then on May 29 is Generous Love…For My Enemy.  Yup – that is one of the radical things Jesus taught.  It’s common for us to love those who love us and are like us, but Jesus said, “I say to you, love your enemies…..”.  We’ll explore what that looks like in real life.

Be sure to check CTRisIN for stories and updates about the [IN] Initiative.  Please submit your stories--we’d love to hear how God is growing you through [IN].

See you Sunday,

Pastor Bill


P.S.        Save the Date!!  Membership/volunteer vision update meeting on June 5.  Details to follow.

April 10 - Baptism

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP1er @ 1:08 PM

Christ The Rock hosted a Baptism at both services on April 10.

During First Service, 17 people were baptized and 22 were baptized during Second Service for a total of 39 people entering the waters of Baptism!

Baptism is a way to publicly identify with Christ's death, burial and resurrection. For more information on Baptism, please visit our Life Events page

April 7 - Party Time!

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP10er @ 10:00 PM

Plan to party this Sunday morning as we celebrate new lives in Christ through baptism and what God is doing in and through the [IN] Initiative.  We are so excited to share the results of the [IN] commitments and expected giving for the next two years.  We’ll worship, celebrate and give praise to our great and awesome God!  Sunday can’t come soon enough for me.

A new sermon series, Generous Love, begins on April 17. God shares His incredible and generous love with us, and calls us to do the same.  We’ll learn what Scripture says about loving everyone generously – our families, co-workers, neighbors, strangers, the forgotten and others.

I look forward to worshipping King Jesus with you on Sunday!

[IN] Christ Alone,

Pastor Bill

P.S. If you haven't had an opportunity to turn in a commitment card, it's not too late! Cards will be available on Sunday, or you can commit online at CTRisIN.org.

March 31 - The Next Two Weeks

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP10er @ 10:33 PM

What an amazing time we had celebrating the resurrection of Christ from the dead this past Sunday!

This Sunday we are privileged to have J. Warner Wallace as our guest speaker.  Mr. Wallace was an atheist, homicide detective and evidentialist.  At age 35 he began investigating the claims of Christ and concluded it was all true and realized his own need for a Savior.  He is currently an author, speaker and adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University. Join us this Sunday for Cold Case Christianity as Mr. Wallace examines the death and resurrection of Christ like a cold homicide case. Be sure to invite others to come. He will have a different message at each service. 

You will not want to miss April 10th [IN] Celebration Sunday. We have so much to celebrate. Let me mention a few. We are going to reveal the results of the [IN] commitments and expected giving for the next 2 years.  We'll also celebrate new life in Christ with those who are getting baptized  during the services.  Join the celebration! April 10 is also the time we begin to fulfill our two-year commitments during the offering time of worship.  

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that our giving is what funds the entire budget for the next 2 years, for all ministry and activity in and through Christ The Rock, not just the building projects. If you haven't had an opportunity to turn in a commitment card yet,  it's not too late. Just head over to the CTRisIN.org site and indicate what you plan to give over the next 2 years. 

If you have not been baptized since giving your life to Christ, this would be a great Sunday to do it. You can turn in your commitment card or sign up to be baptized this Sunday, or online

See you Sunday,

Pastor Bill

March 24 - Holy Week

Posted by Cory Puuri on OP2er @ 2:59 PM

Holy means set apart.  We call this Holy Week because it is a week set apart to remember what happened the week of Passover.

On Good Friday, we will commemorate Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion with services at 12 and 6 PM with the message Love That Dies.

On Sunday, we celebrate the most significant day in the history of the world – the resurrection of Jesus from the dead!  Worship services are 7:459:15 and 11 AM with Son Harbor available at the 9:15 and 11 AM services.  There is an amazing line-up for the morning, including a message on Love That Endures.  Please be sure to bring people with you – you’ll be glad you did.

Blessed Easter,

Pastor Bill

P.S. If you missed the Palm Sunday message, Love That Weeps, you can watch or listen online.

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