January 26 - Who is Next?

Posted by Cory Puuri on OA5er @ 5:11 AM

We already looked at how Peter followed Jesus passionately…and Mary Magdalene, who followed Jesus against all odds. Who is next? This week the message is Follow: Even Religious People? We'll learn about someone who knew Scripture well and was a good, religious man, but realized there was so much more when Jesus made it clear how to gain eternal life.

February 5 will be Follow: Or Not?, looking at a man who Jesus invited to follow Him, but did not because of things in his life he deemed more important. Then on February 12, the message is Follow: THE LEADER when we'll look at a key leader with a lot of power and authority who was willing to humble himself and come under the authority and leadership of Jesus. This man then lived out his faith and followed Jesus in daily life.

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