CTR Staff & Leadership oversee implementation of the mission and goals of the church. They are the key contacts for each ministry where individuals can obtain ministry services or find ways to get connected in meaningful serving opportunities.

Speaking of serving, if God is calling you to serve at CTR, we offer a few ways to get involved:

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CTR Staff

CTR Staff’s main role is to care for, equip and release all who voluntarily serve in and through the church. Below is a directory of CTR staff members with their responsibilities and extension numbers listed. Click on any name to send that staff member an email.

Reach Team
Cortney Ascher, ext. 344
Reach Administrative Assistant (Part-Time). Provides support to the Reach Team.

Joel Zeiner, ext. 307

Reach Team Leader.

Micah Neely, ext. 325

Stateside Desert Ministry Director.

Rick Knapp,
Reach Team Member.


Restore Team
Kevin Kelly, ext. 320
1st Response Care Pastor. Provides crisis and pastoral care for walk-ins, phone calls, hospital and jail visits, benevolent request, etc. Kevin is also a staff coach.

Dave Vande Hey, ext. 313

Restore Team Pastor.

Deb Richards, ext. 318

Restore Team Leader and Associate Pastor.

Deb Van Thiel, ext. 345

Pastor of Counseling. Triage incoming counseling needs, oversee training and ongoing care of the lay counseling team and growth group leaders.

Joe Pullen, ext. 315
Connection/Discipleship Director.

Jerilyn Hidden, ext. 368

Administrative Assistant for Restore Team.

Nola Sweet, ext. 332

Restore Team Ministry Coordinator. Provides support to Restore activities.

Peter Leschke, ext. 328

Restore Team Pastor. Works in the areas of Pastoral Care (weddings and funerals) and counseling (individual, couples and group).


Transform Team
Jennifer Johnson, ext. 308
Administrative Assistant, providing support for Children's Ministry in areas of recruiting, scheduling, facilities use, communicating, and resourcing.
Julie Bengson, ext. 311
Early Childhood Coordinator. Oversees Son Harbor for Birth – 5 years old and provides volunteer and student care for Student Ministries.
Kris Schneider, ext. 326
Transform Team Leader. Oversees Children’s and Student Ministries, Classes and Connection and the Creative Arts Team.
Lisa Van Sistine, ext. 310
Administrative Assistant, providing support for Student Ministries in areas of recruiting, scheduling, facilities use, communicating, and resourcing.
Lynn Alberts, ext. 303
Weekend Service Administrator. Provides administrative support to weekend services and technical teams.
Nick Dufek, ext. 360
Director of Music Ministry. Coordinates the efforts of volunteers develop their abilities and lead worship during weekend services and other ministry events in a way that honors God and encourages attenders to take another step in their faith journey.
Ryan Johnson, ext. 330
Student Ministry Team Leader. Coordinates the programs for students, equips the volunteer leaders and provides pastoral care for students. Main teacher for Amped on Wednesday nights.
Steven Bruce, ext. 337
Creative Arts Ministry Director. Oversees the alignment of our church around a culture of worshipping God. Coordinates the ideas and efforts of staff and volunteers to create "can't-miss" weekend services. Guides the Service Planning Team to create a flow in each service that honors God and encourages attenders to take another step in their faith journey. Oversees Tech and Worship Staff.
Theresa Goyette, ext. 322
Late Childhood Coordinator. Oversees Sunday morning Kindergarten - 5th grade Children’s Ministry, training and curriculum for Children’s and Student Ministries, and curriculum for Breakout (Wednesday nights 3rd-5th grade).
Tom Potter, ext. 354
Children's Ministry Team Leader. Coordinates the programs for children, equips the volunteer leaders and provides pastoral care for children.


Support Team
Al Van Thiel, ext. 386
Maintenance Associate. Cleans and maintains the inner areas of the building.
Ann Meyers, ext. 333
Membership/Volunteer Coordinator. Manages the volunteer and membership requirement processes.
Curt Drexler, ext. 316
Lead Pastor and on Elder Board. Provides financial oversight and communication oversight.
Debbie Sorenson, ext. 348
Assistant Bookkeeper. Enters Sunday offering, pays bills and balances the checking accounts.
John Reider, ext. 394
Maintenance Coordinator. Coordinates staff/volunteers for janitorial work, supports set up for weekend services and classes, and maintains storage areas.
Gloria Fochs, ext. 324
Operations Director. Serves as the accountant, provides HR support and office management.
Jennifer Schmalz, ext. 334
HR Coordinator. Coordinates Human Resources and supports all-staff activities/events. Member of Support Team.
Julie Owens, ext. 319
Activity Coordinator. Oversees activity planning/registrations, produces the weekly bulletin and manages room rentals, office volunteers and Scrip Program.
Julie Wilson, ext. 401
Receptionist. Greets guests and answers calls, oversees building use and assists with IT.
Kathy Hansen, ext. 323
Bookkeeper. Processes income and expenses, supports and educates the leaders with financial reports and procedures.
Stacey Meyers, ext. 352
Fireside Cafe Manager. Oversees the operations of CTR's public cafe, including scheduling staff, training, ordering supplies, and serving customers.


Senior Leadership
Senior Pastor Bill Lenz
Our founding Pastor, Bill Lenz, passed away on December 4, 2017. His immense love for the lost and hurting led to the birth of this church, and he will be remembered as a true "fisher of men" who impacted thousands of lives for eternity.
Curt Drexler, ext. 316
Lead Pastor, Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Team Leader and on Elder Board. Provides financial and communication oversight, and coordinates the work of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).
Lynne Paba, ext. 331
Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor and member of Senior Leadership Team (SLT).


CTR Leadership

Christ The Rock is an evangelical, non-denominational church. This simply means that the center of our faith is in the person of Jesus Christ, and that we do not have a larger denominational affiliation.

We believe that we all have equal value in God's sight, even though we have different gifts, abilities, roles and responsibilities. God has established the leadership structure for our church so that our leaders lead from in front, not from on top.

Governing Elders

Christ The Rock is governed and overseen by a team of Elders. We believe that it is their role to provide the ultimate leadership, authority, teaching and protection of our Church and advance our mission and vision in their role as teachers and directors. These men are given to prayer and the study of God's Word. They are leaders who evaluate how we love, live and reach in our communities. They also drive the vision and communicate our DNA. The qualifications for being an elder are found in Titus 1.


Barry Hall, Governing Elder
Curt Drexler, Lead Pastor
Dick Hietpas, Elder Emeritus
Gary Thompson, Elder Emeritus
Gary Van Abel, Governing Elder
Joe Lamb, Governing Elder
Kevin Kelly, Restore Team Member
Les Long, Governing Elder
Norm Kopesky, Governing Elder
Ross Giordana, Governing Elder


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) ensures the fulfilment of Christ The Rock’s vision, mission and values through personal example, ministry direction, resourcing and care for staff members and volunteer teams.


Staff Pastors
Curt Drexler, Lead Pastor
Dave Vande Hey, Associate Pastor
Deb Richards, Associate Pastor
Deb Van Thiel, Associate Pastor
Joe Pullen, Associate Pastor
Joel Zeiner, Associate Pastor
Kevin Kelly, Associate Pastor
Kris Schneider, Associate Pastor
Peter Leschke, Associate Pastor


Non-Staff Pastors
Ann Wasinger
Chema Paba
Corey Wasinger
Gary Thompson
Linda Long
Steve Kolasinski