Designed to help students grow in their faith and understanding of God's love for them, Breakout is our mid-week program for kids in grades 3-5. Breakout meets 6:30-8:30 PM, Wednesday nights from October 3, 2018 - April 17, 2019.

Check out this video for a preview of Children's Ministry Programs:


What Do We Do In Breakout?

  • Bible-based Curriculum - The curriculum includes three instructional units--God Loves Me, I Love God, and I Love Others--that focus on learning basic Bible doctrines.
  • Relationship - Kids grow together with the same small group of kids all year developing strong relationships with both their leaders and the other children in their groups. They also participate in large group worship and instructional activities.
  • Fun! - There is plenty of fun built into the teachings, discussion and activities, including games with a purpose, awards for participation and outside fun nights (e.g., bowling, rollerskating, vintage TV night, etc.) that they can take part in!
  • Outreach - Students are welcome to invite their friends to be our guests at any time. We'll also have opportunities for a few fun outreach nights and serving opportunities.

What Can You Do?

Registration will be available in the Fall. The cost is only $15 for a Breakout t-shirt your child will wear when we meet. Breakout t-shirts and bags can be purchased in the lobby on Wednesday nights. 

Please download the FAQ, which includes the calendar. If you have any questions not answered by the FAQ, please contact our Church Office. 

You can also support Breakout through prayer, volunteering and sharing this page with friends and family!