Christ The Rock's Men Of The Rock (MOTR) group is designed for all men at Christ The Rock to become strong and courageous spiritual leaders in their families, church and community.


The Book of Acts

The Acts of the Apostles, often referred to simply as Acts, tells of the founding of the Christian church and the spread of its message to the Roman Empire. Join us, rain or shine, every Saturday morning throughout the summer at the Lopas Pavilion in Heckrodt. You're encouraged to attend all Saturdays, but there is no attendance requirement; so, drop in any Saturday you're available.

When: Saturdays | 7 AM

WhereHeckrodt Wetland Reserve

Cost: Free

Questions: Email Tom Sprague or call 920.969.0647


Checkout the 2018 No Regrets Conference Recordings

Sign-up for the 2019 No Regrets Men's Conference! We're still working on topics but most speakers have been selected. 


We've also scheduled several team building activities including paintball, MNF at the pub, and more!

What Can You Do?

We invite you to join us! Check out our events calendar below to find out what we're up to. In addition, you can support MOTR by praying for our men and volunteers, volunteering, and sharing this opportunity with others.